Donald Trump travel ban: Supreme Court relaxes Rules

Washington: The Supreme Court has dealt President Donald Trump’s government a fresh setback, saying its controversial travel ban cannot be applied to grandparents and other close relatives of people living in the United States — for now. On Wednesday, the court accepted a Hawaii federal judge’s ruling last week that the Trump administration had too […]

Why We Need a Million Jew March

My fellow Jews! Our existence in America has never been in greater peril. Anti-Semitic clouds gather over the land like never before. Whether or not you are fervently Zionist, skeptically Zionist, Zi-curious, believe in a two-state solution, a seven-percent solution, a saline solution, anything but a final solution, really, you must protest the neo-Nazi menace! […]

How My Jewish Working Class Background Taught Me About Donald Trump

Most of my life, if you asked me what I was, I wouldn’t say Jewish. I tried my best not to consider my Jewishness, that Jewishness was something I even had. When I was a kid, I denied it. I’d tell anyone who asked I was an atheist. “But what are you really?” other children […]